Selling Accessories is Simple With Our Easy to Use Mobile Solution

"Due to the simplicity of the software, any one of my staff is able to present available accessories to all of our guests. We have found the engagement level of our customers to be much higher."

Peter Chung
Magic Toyota

For Dealers

1 Increase profits with the sale of Accessories

2 Upload OEM accessories automatically for a set up time of only 30 minutes

3 See sales associate compared performance for added training metrics

4 Easily customize pricing and labor fees tailored to your own dealership

5 Our tablet friendly application makes it easy for you bring the accessories to the customer

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For Customers

1 Let the customers take control of of the tablet or mouse, making them feel less pressure

2 Customer can see what accessories they can add within their budget through monthly pricing options

3 Color graphics and item descriptions let your customer visualize their additions

4 Your customers will have a memorable experience that will get them coming back in the door

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